DimensionQuest ?

What does it all mean? How was this name chosen and why. Did it exist before you created it?

I have occasionally been asked why DimensionQuest so figured I would finally have a small write-up on the answer.

In the mid-late 90s, I was the typical techie - I had an Amateur Radio License, played with computers, console/text-based games, and watched Sci-Fi shows and movies. When I decided it was time to register my first domain name, I wanted something somewhat techie/sci-fi sounding. I went through a lot of registrar and whois searches over a couple weeks with variations of all kinds of things. Finally deciding on DimensionQuest. When I registered the domain name initially, there were NO other TLD with this name. At some points in time, I also owned .com but ended up letting that one lapse. Somebody grabbed it and simply parked it hopeing that I or someone else would want to purchase it… LOL.

Over the years, I’ve had a number of different sites run on the domain from plain html to PHPNuke, Postnuke, MDPro, Joomla, and of course Wordpress. As I launch this new iteration of DimensionQuest in 2021, I’ve decided to step back from Content Management Systems and Database backed solutions. Instead, I’ve opted to go with a Static Site Generator - Hugo.

In the coming weeks & months, I’ll be returning to blogging on a variety of topics. This time around, it won’t only be tech - I’ll likely include some bits on travel and food as well.